Collection: Hamush Design


Ersu Akınal is the founder and creative force behind Hamush Design. Inspired by the beauty of Anatolia, her jewelry and handmade products are the foundation of the brand. Ersu started her artistic journey with natural stones and fine needlework, and later combined it with felt and leather craftsmanship. Starting in 2008 with natural stones, this adventure continues with felt and leather since 2018.

Each product designed by Hamush Design is decorated with the elegance while carrying the tunes of nature. The colors and textures of nature turn into works of art in the hands of Ersu Akınal.

Ersu Akınal's path is like an endless adventure. Inspired by the gifts of nature, these special works of art she designs fascinate people. Each product embodies the beauty of nature and the elegance of traditional arts. Hamush Design continues to offer people unique and special products by combining Ersu Akınal's creativity and artistic talents.

You can safely buy all Hamush Design products bearing the signature of Ersu Akınal through Market of Turkey.